Yikes, Teen unemployment not getting any better but do teens really want to work?

http://www.elidaniel.comFull Service Staffing and Recruiting Texas staffing firm expert, Chris Lawson, President of Eli Daniel Group discusses the recent teen unemployment rate.

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I’m Qualified, but Nobody Cares. What’s Wrong with My Resume?

     One of the most the tedious tasks during a job search is creating a polished resume. You can spend countless hours trying to perfect it, but if you make these simple mistakes you can bet employers will not be burning up your phone. Kendra Lawson with […]

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Teen Unemployment

Teen Unemployment Dallas Staffing Firm agency, Chris Lawson from Eli Daniel Group discusses recent increases in teen unemployment. Mr. Lawson and Rachel Crowson from American Network News talk about some solutions to help teens find a job. The percentage of teens classified as “unemployed” — those who […]

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