Be Strategic about your Job Search

Most job seekers apply for positions haphazardly–sending out an email resume for this opening, a printed resume for that one, sometimes following up and most often not. (Admit it–you’ve done this!)But you’ll get far better results if you first write out a job search calendar, to schedule […]

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Leveraging Social Media to Promote Your Personal Brand

Creating a concise and powerful personal branding statement is an accomplishment in and of itself–but it’s only half the battle. Unfortunately, the best branding in the world is virtually useless unless you promote it. Once you’ve crafted your message, you have to get the word out. Social […]

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Interviewing Like a Pro in Five Easy Steps

It’s an inescapable fact that interviews are the “make or break” factor on whether one lands the job. So it is surprising to find that most job seekers approach interviews with a cavalier attitude, without any preparation – they simply wake up the morning of the interview, […]

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Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Many people struggle when an interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” Quite a few people are so fearful of asking the wrong questions that many times they end up asking no questions at all. This is a bad choice. When a hiring manager is […]

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