How I Finally Got Hired

These 5 newly employed workers faced a tough job market, but they found a way to get a foot in the door. Here’s how they did it.

Sharpened my entrepreneurial skills
Courtesy: Jason Russell/TwitterName: Jason Russell Location: Atlanta, Ga.

How I finally Got Hired

I was laid off from an IT sales job in July without any notice. I was called on a Thursday and told that was my last day. My benefits would run out in two weeks.
I’m married with two small children — one 5 months and the other 4 years old. I’m the breadwinner and my family relies on my medical insurance. It was a shock to my system.
Everybody knows to go look online for job listings, and that goes without a doubt. I used web tools like Linkedin and Monster, and I also worked with staffing agencies to uncover opportunities.
But what really helped me was being entrepreneurial. In my downtime, I co-founded a mobile application company, showcasing my expertise in the tech field. That was a factor in many of the offers I got.
Three months later, I landed a job as a sales engineer at a global retail processor. Part of my current role is dealing with companies who develop mobile applications.


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