Senior Project Manager Allen Texas – DIRECT HIRE


Senior Project Manager Allen TexasSenior Project Manager Allen Texas will Oversee and manage project(s) by applying Company’s Concept Development or Concurrent Product Development methods, together with the project Chief Design Engineer (CDE) as necessary, and ensures the creation of new competitive solutions.

  • Covers design responsibilities from a single component to a component family
  • Project size, complexity of design/technology and business case potential are typically higher than those of a Project Manager
  • Manage all activities within new Product Development Project(s) – aiming typically at new products or components. This covers 100% accountability for all decisions and activities in the project (completed or neglected), even when executed in other functions
  • Senior Project Manager Allen Texas

Senior Project Manager Allen Texas – DIRECT HIRE

Other Responsibilities and Key Activities include the following:

Senior Project Manager Allen Texas: Achieve agreed targets of project:

  • Customer value
  • Business case
  • Solution fitness for purpose
  • Solution meeting the key requirement – target cost, quality (EFR, COR, RC..), field process performance requirements
  • Ensure compliance with applicable technical codes and standards
  • Manage all the project activities (plan, execute, control, correct to completion) e.g.:
  • Create/maintain project organization
  • Create specification & project plan – esp. WBS & schedule
  • Split targets into tasks and further into accountabilities
  • Arrange skills & resources for project
  • Create project budget and control it
  • Execute schedule and follow-through
  • Collaborate with various action owners e.g. stakeholders
  • Obey R&D-processes (e.g. Milestone review practice)
  • Do re-planning, when reality deviates from plans
  • Report & communicate
  • Set-up and maintain effective practices for leading people: supervising people
  • Organize system of meetings
  • Get early signals of risks/threats to project progress
  • Solve issues pro-actively
  • Make decisions with others
  • Commit and energize people to actions
  • Lead people in collaboration with own line manager
  • Commitment to people, especially stakeholders & their people
  • Share vision & goals
  • Communicate tasks
  • Demand action/results
  • Coach, Energize & Monitor people’s performance – make changes if low performance (skills, plans, responsibilities, etc)
  • Care for people for job satisfaction and good feeling
  • Lead with determination in urgencies
  • Develop Capabilities
  • Take competence development actions for personal growth
  • Coach team members
  • Provide refresh training for stakeholders
  • Authority to decide – • Create & propose project plans
    • Decision of use of project resources – internal & external
    • Decisions of project issues within given limits (specs, schedule, resources, budget)

Requirements: Senior Project Manager Allen Texas – DIRECT HIRE

  • M.S. Degree or equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 years of Project management experience or excellent track record of 3 successful major project
  • Excellent skills in defining product specifications and project plans
  • Good NEB/SEB understanding
  • Evidence of sound leadership skills

Senior Project Manager Allen Texas – DIRECT HIRE


Job Detail: Senior Project Manager Allen Texas

Senior Project Manager Allen Texas

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