Brandon FosterBrandon arrived into this world at 7.8oz and his mother described him as a little treasure. That’s when good old dad jokingly replied “Great, let’s bury him!”. Perhaps that’s where Brandon’s sense of humor and creative side began, with an off the cuff remark by his father only a few minutes into his new life.

At a young ripe age of 4 brandon was known to patrol the streets of his neighborhood with his football helmet on, baseball bat over the shoulder and baseball mitt in the other hand. He was always looking for a pick up game with the older kids up the street. Once he learned about wagering, Brandon began to win all the lunch money on the street.

That’s when the older kids started to play video games inside and stopped all outdoor activity. Brandon would like to think he started the video game craze.

“The best part about being a creative director for Eli Daniel Group are the things I can get away with, e.g.: searching the web all day and claiming it’s for “research”; standing over colleauge’s shoulder viewing their work and taking all the credit for it in later meetings; listening during meetings and saying “that’s a great point” to every colleague’s suggestions, so they love me.”

Brandon shared that the best thing EVER would be if he knew anything about SEO, Social Media or Creative DirectorING. Things that make him go “grrrr”…Joomla, Spanx, and babies named after fruit. Brandon claims that he was actually the one who invented the Jump to Conclusions Mat.

“You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor…and would have different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO.”

On a more serious note, Brandon brings passion and fire to his position at Eli Daniel Group. In fact, we found him the other day playing with matches at his desk.

A few things that people don’t know about Brandon is his secret man crush on Justin Timberlake, love for golf, singing in the shower and secretly stashing his survival gear consisting of sweetarts and beef jerky. It might surprise you to know that he is married…to Heather.

“Exceptionalism has to be earned everyday, no exceptions!” – Brandon Foster

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