By Jay Torres

Digital Special Star

BALCH SPRINGS – Technological advances in communication have created a trend of working from home that benefits many Hispanic entrepreneurs say that exploit these advances.

These advances in communication, which is becoming safer and cheaper-are attached to consumer dissatisfaction when companies use centers to receive or initiate calls in countries like India, Mexico and Costa Rica to serve its customers.

For some employees who work flexible hours and earn 10 to $ 14 per hour, this trend is the solution to transportation problems, time and the balance between family life and career.

“I love this job,” says Adriana Lozano, who works through a computer placed in the living room of her apartment in Granada Corporation, a California based company that offers technical team and a six-week paid training for those who want to work a schedule flexibly from home.

“I can see when my daughter goes to school and I’m here when you return. Not just me but I feel better that she is happier to see his mom at home, “says Lozano.

Kit Cooper, president of Granada Corporation, says that the expenses that your company will save on rent and maintenance of the site, it hands in the form of bonus to employees.

Cooper hopes to occupy by the end of this month to 50 employees of the Metroplex to work from home and 200 more in 2013.

Cooper prefers that employees know about the Latino culture because this knowledge provides a better customer service.

“Our experience tells us that to provide better customer service and retain Latino market, you must have the support of employees who identify with the customer,” says Cooper.

Granada Corporation provides customer service for electricity distribution companies and others. The service requires no telemercadería or sales, consumers initiate the call.

Lozano said that the salary is better with Granada Corporation compared to other companies known as “call centers”, where hundreds of employees are gathered to receive or initiate calls.

“I save gas and travel time and I have to pack my lunch because I cook what I have in my kitchen,” says Lozano.

Meanwhile Chris Lawson, president of Eli Daniel Group, an employment agency, says that the trend of working from home benefits Hispanics.

Lawson says he is optimistic about the future of Hispanics over jobs.

“I see a bright future for Latinos because demand for them will continue to increase, and much more for those who are bilingual and have knowledge of technology,” says Lawson.

According to Lawson at least 15 percent of its customers require bilingual employees.

Lawson recommends that Latinos emphasize in your employment history that are bilingual.

“It’s a skill that is in high demand but often I see hidden in small print,” says Lawson.

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