In Kenya, the unemployment rate is consistently 40% and in the slums, the unemployment rate can be closer to 80%. At the same time, the potential for business growth is tremendous. We believe that Kenya is ripe for social entrepreneurship, where new enterprises can not only make a profit, but also employ people who formerly didn’t have jobs, which benefits society as a whole. The last thing we want is to end up with a group of well-educated Ndoto students who can’t find jobs, and so we dream of creating a second, for-profit organization that will start businesses.

Through the student sponsorship program, we hope that one day Ndoto will be able to open a school in Obunga and employ our graduates who are currently pursuing teaching degrees. As they, along with other students, graduate and begin to gain experience, Ndoto believes they can reshape the community of Obunga by making it even easier to obtain a quality education in the slum.

There is a tremendous need for supporters of Ndoto students. For those that are orphans, the best place for them is boarding school. Unfortunately their reality is that on the three one-month school breaks, they have no place to go. Ndoto dreams of acquiring a large home for our orphans where they could live for the three months out of the year, receiving discipleship training and observing “family” life as the students interact together with “house parents.”

The students would have chores, duties and could participate in educational activities that would keep their minds sharp while off from school. Teams of volunteers from the US and from Kenya could come during those breaks and lead educational camps and retreats where students could be exposed to everything from sports to professional photography.


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To make a difference in one of their lives, sponsor a student today!

  • $35 a month allows a student to go to school.
  • $50 a month allows a student to go to boarding school with the added benefit of a bed to sleep in and meals to eat.
  • $100 allows a student to pursue post-secondary education.

For more information contact: info@ndoto.org

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