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“I have seen up close how Juvenile Diabetes impacts a child’s life. Once you meet 8 year old Samuel Davis, it is easy to recognize that he is a very special and brave young boy. Sam courageously battles his diabetes daily, and one day soon, through the JDRF organization’s efforts to find a cure; he will not have to worry about monitoring his blood sugar level 24 hours a day.

The Eli Daniel Group organization is profoundly proud to support JDRF, Sam Davis in particular, until a cure is found.” – Chris Lawson, President of Eli Daniel Group

Sam’s Website: http://www.SamsSearch.org







The 3rd annual Eli Daniel Swing to Cure Sam will be on Friday, April 13th 2012.

The tournament will once again be at Heritage Ranch Golf Club in Fairview, TX.

Sam_the_StarHi. My name is Sam. I have Type 1 Diabetes. I had to go to the hospital when I was 5 years old because the doctor took my blood and said there was too much sugar in it. Now I gotta have 4 shots a day and get my finger poked to check my blood for sugar at least 6 times a day. At first I was scared ’cause I don’t like shots.

But now I’m really super strong and mom and dad are proud of me because I’m brave. I don’t know why I got my diabetes and my mom and dad don’t know either. The hospital told me I didn’t do anything that made me get it. It’s just that some kids get diabetes because the inside of our bodies don’t make insulin anymore and thats why we have to have the shots that put the insulin back in us.

A couple months after my 7th birthday I did my first shot by myself. Mom and dad were right there but I did everything and they were very proud of me. They tell me that I am super tough but I know I have to take my shot no matter what.

JOIN OUR WALK TEAM for the annual JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. This year’s walk will be on Saturday, September 24th at 9AM. This is a family event so bring the kids, grandma and even the dog if you must.

bannerDo you remember when my dad got the Bionicle shirts made and all the people got on my team and wore the shirts at the same time? And they came to that big place outside with the bounce houses and stuff and we walked for Diabetes?

My mom and dad said we walked and people gave money so we can help the scientists find a cure for my diabetes. God is healing my diabetes right now cause I can feel it but the scientists still want to find a cure. I think that’s good.

Last time my dad said we had to get all the people for my Bionicle team really really fast but this year we have more time so we can get lots of extra people to walk with us and get lots more money to give to the scientists! Dad said I had more than 40 people on my Bionicle team last year and they got more than $6,000 for the scientists. That’s like a million dollars!!!!!

Will you be on my team this year???? If we get all my mom and dad’s friends and all our family then we might get the most money for my diabetes. More than all the other teams at the place where we walk!

I hope you can come be on my team. You would like the shirts too!!! Call my mom or dad and tell them you want to be on my team. Dad said the walk will be on Saturday, September 24th at Granite Park. That’s the place that has the bounce houses and stuff.

I want my dad to tell you the rest of the stuff cause I can’t drive yet and he does so he can tell you where the park is so you can come walk with us and be on my team!


Want to Get Involved?

The Eli Daniel Group Sponsors two annual events: The Eli Daniel ‘Swing to Cure Sam’ Golf Tournament and the JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes (aka Sam’s Bionicle Brigade).

Walk on Sam’s Team

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