Staffing Firms could tell you a ton of funny testimonies about job interviews. Some of the most halarious testimonies have to do with a applicant’s household. Some staffing firms have had youthful employees come in with a parent to haggle salary.

If you have youngsters, there may come a time period that you battle to find them a sitter when you need to go to a job interview. You may think it’s necessary to take them to the interview because:
• You may not get the job if you reschedule.
• Perhaps, showing up with cute little ones will land you the job!

If you are inclined to bring your child to a job interview you may want to rethink the situation. Small children have no place in the workplace during an interview. Bringing your child to a job interview can not only create a diversion for you but for the hiring party as well. It can seem disorganized, unprofessional, reckless and disrepectful.

What if You Have No Choice?

It is possible that you have no option. You might discover that you cannot get a sitter. If this happens, contact the potential company instantly. In a non-panicky speech, let them know of the issue and ask the interview if they would like to reschedule. Most likely the interview will reschedule the Interview. Business employers comprehend the needs of a parent or gaurdian with a child. It is important not to sound frustrated or say you’re sorry as though you are having difficulties dealing with the issue. Sound as professional and polished as possible, this can only help.

So we thought we would give you a sample of a funny interview that was brought to our attention.

So, Should I bring my child to a job interview?

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