One of the most the tedious tasks during a job search is creating a polished resume. You can spend countless hours trying to perfect it, but if you make these simple mistakes you can bet employers will not be burning up your phone. Kendra Lawson with Dallas based staffing firm, Eli Daniel Group, recently met with Ashley Roberts from DFW Close Up to discuss some essential pointers to create a stand out resume.
Mrs. Lawson, Eli Daniel Group’s Executive Vice President, explains some of the most common mistakes candidates make on their resume that can immediately eliminate them from the running in any position.
What you put down on paper others will read. Typos, spelling and grammar are one of the first things that can eliminate an applicant as a potential candidate. With the abundance of qualified resumes companies receive each day, one of the fastest ways to narrow down the stack is to discard the ones with spelling and grammatical errors. As stated by Mrs. Lawson, “About a 3rd of resumes that come across my desk have a spelling error, typo or grammatical error.” Candidates need to understand the vast importance of submitting an error free resume.
A potential employer will overlook your resume unless you follow these important guidelines.
First, make sure your resume is visually appealing. So what does that mean? You want an employer to read your resume not just toss it from the pile. Include a title, something that catches the eye of the person reviewing your resume, but also matches the position they are trying to fill. Your resume should not be too wordy or cumbersome. The last thing an employer wants is a twenty page resume when they have 100 more to sift through. This can make your resume less appealing or eliminate you as a candidate all together. A few simple tips are to have bullet points and appropriate breaks, so the more eye catching information stands out even with a quick glance.
Second, make sure you’re your resume is specific to your target position and audience. Don’t just make a general resume and throw it out there on a job board hoping to get a job offer or call. That’s not going to work these days. You have to do your research on the position and create a specific resume for it. Read thoroughly through the job description and use verbiage within your resume that correlates directly to the job you are seeking. The target audience will be much more drawn to this method.
Third, make sure you have a clear objective. General objectives such as, “I’m a software sales person, and I want to utilize my skills to improve my knowledge of software” just don’t cut it today. Plus, it’s really self-serving.  A company is not looking for someone who they can help to improve their knowledge, but rather looking for someone who can help the company improve their bottom line.  In today’s world, it’s all about what you have to offer that will benefit the company.
Finally, a summary of qualifications and accomplishments can go a long way. This is your place to shine whether you were the top sales person for the quarter, have won numerous awards, or some other achievements. There is a talented pool of candidates searching for a new job and having the right qualifications can move you to the top of the list. It’s always important to show a track record of your success and be proud of your accomplishments. You may have the best resume in the world in terms of experience, but doing a little bragging about yourself will make it even better. Take the time to make your resume sizzle, and that lets the person know you are the candidate they are looking to hire.
Creating a great resume can be tedious, so when you finish reviewing your work of art have friends look over your final draft. It’s always good to have an extra pair of eyes read through your resume and see if there are any errors you may have overlooked. You never know, you might just go from a qualified candidate that nobody cares about to an in demand candidate that everyone wants!
Article By Brandon Foster, Eli Daniel Group
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