fox4newsTeen employment is still very tough. Tough for those teens that are actually looking. Employment and hiring expert, Chris Lawson, CEO of Eli Daniel Group explains some of the reasons young people and teens are finding it harder to find work in these times.

One of the key issues explained by Mr. Lawson is that unemployment rates are still high at 8.2% overall and close to 10% for those under 25 years of age. Since the early 90’s teens entering the workforce has slowly declined year over year, while older workers have remained in the workforce. In fact, 75 year old employees make up near 8% of the workforce today while 65 and older is over 20%, these are jobs that previously would have gone to a younger work force.

Parents should be a resource to help their child find a job, although it doesn’t seem to be as important to push ones child into the work force as quickly due to academics, athletics or simply a teen not wanting to work.

One thing parents can do is network amongst their friends to help the job search process along and encourage their teen to dress and be prepared for an interview.

Jobs are hard to come by and it is so important for our teens to start obtaining new skills to compete for future jobs when they are out of school.

Chris Lawson’s advice, “You have to make sure you are talking with friends and family making it known that you need a job. Make sure you’re doing everything to let it be known you are looking for a job with anyone you come in contact with. Be eager and aggressive and dress sharp while prospecting for a job and make sure your resume has zero errors.

As long as the job market struggles it will be more difficult to find a job so holding out for the perfect next job may not be the best option. The best thing to do is find that job, acquire skills to help grow and develop in order to move up to bigger and better job opportunities down the line.

Chris Lawson, CEO, Eli Daniel Group Featured on Fox 4 News, Dallas, TX

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