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33tvMore Americans are finding work. The economy added 227,000 jobs in February leading the unemployment rate unchanged. Caroline Baczkowski is looking to add to those numbers.

“I graduated from Abilene Christian in May 2011, and I’ve been looking for a job pretty much since then”, Baczkowski said.

The 21 year old has a degree in speech pathology but still hasn’t landed the job her career field.

“I’m getting a lot of assistants unless they have had a year of experience or they would rather hire somebody who has their master’s degree”, she said.

But she is encouraged by new numbers from the labor department showing number jobs for young adults between the ages of 25 and 34 increased by 116 thousand in February. The unemployment rate for this group is at a three year low.

Chris Lawson is a staffing expert with the Eli Daniel Group He says numbers reflect what he is seeing as well.

“There’s enough confidence in the economy, going in the right direction where people are actually pulling the trigger hiring people”, he said.

Lawson sat down with Caroline to look over her resume an offer help landing a job. He says having a specialty such as medical, technology, or engineering make finding a job easier. But it’s not a must. But he recommends using social media for networking to let people know you are job hunting.

“You’d be surprised at the social media and how that impacted recruiting and the way word travels”, he said. He adds you have to do what Caroline is doing getting back in the market now while it’s picking up.

“I want to find a job to where I can use my degree since I spent all the money to go to school and that’s really my passion so I just have to hang in there a little bit”, Baczkowski.

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