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February 17, 2012

ALLEN, Texas —

Infomercial: “Introducing SodaStream. The revolutionary home soda maker that turns water into sparkling water and soda.”

The energetic bunch at Eli Daniel staffing has hopefully found a smarter way to enjoy soda.

Our $80 starter kit comes with a home soda maker, a CO2 carbonator, reusable bottle, and a flavor sample. The sample flavors are: root beer, orange, lemon lime, diet pink grapefruit and an energy drink.

The main assembly was attaching the CO2 bottle.

“Screw it tightly into the cylinder holder. Do not use any tools,” said Heather Foster of Eli Daniel.

The directions say fill up the plastic bottle with cold water, but before adding the flavor, you have to carbonate the water.

“Press firmly and quickly, repeat until loud buzz. Three buzzes for average fizz,” said Brandon Foster.

This was the fun part. In seconds, our water is ready, and we add energy drink syrup.

We were obviously ready for that burst of energy and should have poured the syrup a little slower as our drink spilled all over the table.

After a quick clean up the instructions say shake the bottle gently.

Time for a taste.

“Actually, it tastes good,” said Heather Foster.

It was described as tasting like Red Bull or Monster Energy, with 80 milligrams of caffeine per serving.

We’re off to a good start. Will the tastiness continue with Diet Cola?

“It’s pretty good. It doesn’t have as much aftertaste as Diet Coke, I don’t think,” said Jaymi Kallman.

“That tastes pretty good. It really does,” said Jeff Lawson.

However, the cola was a major disappointment.

“They didn’t taste anything like the originals that they were trying to mimic,” said Heather Foster.

Everyone described a foul taste, with a pretty bad aftertaste.

In the end, Soda Stream is tough to grade. The product works, but it was messy, with plenty of trial and error.

“I could see where it would work, it’s just getting over the hump,” said Lawson.

While the flavors were a mixed bag, everyone liked the energy drink.

In the end, the president of Eli Daniel gives the fairest possible grade.

“I would give it a C. There’s definitely some potential value out there,” said Lawson.

If you’re particular to soda taste, you may want to skip the nearly 100 dollar investment.

Source: KDAF-TV

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