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2012 is off to a great start for the staffing industry. In a year-to-year comparison, temporary help employment for the month of January was 7.1% higher than in January 2011.

“As the economy continues to improve, staffing firms like ours are going to be the first place many businesses turn to fill new positions,” explains Chris Lawson, CEO of the Eli Daniel Group in Allen. “More companies are adopting a ‘Temp-to-Hire’ philosophy. Why not get a no-risk chance to try out a new employee and see if they’re a good fit for a permanent position?”
The Eli Daniel Group, founded in 2007, opened its new offices in Allen last year because it recognized the tremendous potential for success in the fastest growing county in Texas, and one of the fastest growing counties in America.
“Allen is just a tremendous place to raise a family and it seemed like the perfect fit for our family and faith-based company,” says Lawson. “Allen is ranked #16 in the nation by CNNMoney in its ‘Best Places to Live in America’ survey.”

The Eli Daniel Group has identified a number of reasons that temporary staffing firms are enjoying so much success:

Flexibility: When staff fluctuations happen suddenly due to special projects, seasonal periods, and economic cycles, temporary employees can be quickly deployed.

Fill in: Sometimes regular employees are out for an extended period of time due to illness, vacation, maternity leave or other reasons. Temporary workers are a great way to ensure that these absences don’t slow down productivity.

Evaluate Workers: Utilizing temporary workers allows a company to evaluate whether a worker has the necessary skills to succeed at the position, fits the company culture, and enjoys the position and environment.

Save Time: Staffing firms typically have a pool of candidates that allow them to fill positions quickly. This can be especially helpful when you need someone right away.

Save Money: Staffing firms manage all government mandated payroll taxes, provide training, administer benefits, and screen and test candidates. This lessons the burden on internal staff and saves on administrative costs.

Find Unique Talent: Staffing firms have recruiters that specialize in finding talent with specific or unique skills. A good recruiter has a network of talent they can draw on to find the perfect candidate.

About Eli Daniel:

Eli Daniel Group is a family and faith-based business. At our heart is a passion to serve, both personally and professionally. We focus on reaching out and assisting others while filling critical positions for our clients; encouraging and consulting job seekers; and giving back to the community. We are much more than staffing experts; we are supporters of our community through professional, charitable and volunteer efforts.

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