The economy’s lack of stability has created quite a problem for businesses in need of extra help. Many view temporary hiring as the answer.

Business is picking up at Three Dog Bakery in Plano, creating more customers than their current staff can handle. But, like many small businesses, they aren’t ready to bring on new full-time employees just yet.
Operations Manager Joshua Derby said, “You have to be more cautious in this economy. So, we had to rethink our process in how we go about hiring new people.”

The solution for the pet boutique has been temporary hiring.

“It’s kind of like a trial period for people seeking more full-time employment,” Derby said.

That’s what happened to Alyssa Buecker, who has now worked for Three Dog Bakery for eight months.

Buecker said, “I had two temporary jobs at the same time. Which wasn’t quite a full-time job, but it was something. And, then working here temp, led to full time.”

Chris Lawson helps staff businesses looking to hire temporary workers.

“Temp to hire is very, very common in Dallas-Fort Worth,” he said.

In 2012, around 36 percent of American businesses plan to hire temporary or contract workers, a sharp increase from 2011.

Lawson said, “A lot of the companies are under-staffed.With the new year, they’ve got new budgets.”

Temporary positions in high demand are in health care, web development, marketing and office administration.

Lawson said many times, temporary work can lead to a permanent job offer.

“It’s almost like dating, I would say. You know, you try it out, and then, hey, here we are, let’s get married,” he said.

Now a full-time employee at one of DFW’s top pet boutiques, Buecker is excited about the temporary hiring trend.

“I have a lot of friends here and around the country who are having a really hard time trying to find any kind of job, whatsoever,” she said. “So, I’m hopeful for them. It worked for me.”

SOURCE: http://www.the33tv.com/news/kdaf-temporary-hiring-on-the-rise-story,0,5264071.story

Amber Fisher, The 33 News, January 7, 2012

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