‘Temp To Hire’ Is A Growing Trend For Companies in Tough Economy
DALLAS — Thousands of North Texans are still out of work and companies are anxious about hiring as our economy remains unstable. So some companies are now turning to temp agencies for help, and in many cases, the temporary jobs are turning into long term careers.

It’s called “temp to hire,” where a company gets to try an employee out on a temporary basis, and if it works out, the employee gets a full time job. It’s a way to get people back to work and protect companies from having to pay full-time employees who don’t work out.

Leslie Hernandez hasn’t always had a job as a data analyst for the small local business Arcana Insurance Services.

“I’m a single mom. I was at first a stay at home mom and I decided to start looking for employment,” said Hernandez.

She was looking for work during the heart of the recession in the summer of ’09.

“Oh, it was hard. It was very hard,” Hernandez told CW 33 News. “Some people you wouldn’t hear from and some people you would. And some people would tell you they’d get back to you, and they wouldn’t.”

So she called up the Eli Daniel Group, a staffing firm in Allen.

“I was at the point to where I just needed to work, so I was willing to give it a try,” said Hernandez.

She took a temporary job with Arcana, and was guaranteed work for just 90 days.

“I started in July of ’09, and then in October of ’09, that’s when they let me know that they wanted to keep me permanent,” she said.

Chris Lawson, president of the Eli Daniel Group, said the “temp to hire” process was a safe way for companies to find new employees when budgets were tight.

“To go through that screening process, to go through that, and then hire somebody, and then for whatever reason they don’t work out, then you have to start back over,” said Lawson.

He said it was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

“It’s a ‘try before you buy’ type of thing for the candidate and the client, because there’s plenty of times when a candidate can go into an organization and the culture is not right,” said Lawson.

The culture at Arcana was right for Hernandez, as was starting with a temporary job that is now a permanent job she loved.

“It may not sound like the best thing at the moment, but the way the economy is right now, I think, you know, anything work. Anything works,” she said.

SOURCE: http://www.the33tv.com/about/station/newsteam/kdaf-more-employees-start-out-as-temps-then-get-full-time-work-20111117,0,2618808.story

Daniel Novick CW 33 News

9:34 p.m. CST, November 30, 2011

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