According to a 2007 Article from Dr. Michael Mercer (a thought leader in the management and human resources industry) Paris Hilton represents many things to many people. And now she inadvertently offers fantastic lessons in leadership skills.

Her crimes DUI, breaking probation, driving without a license and follow-up botches offers lessons to leaders on how not to handle key leadership problems. We thought that it was quite interesting and wanted to pass it on!

Original Source: http://www.drmercer.com/artman/publish/article_12.shtml

Here are five lessons Paris Hilton taught all leaders.


Ms. Hilton claimed her 45 day jail sentence punishment is cruel and unwarranted. In contrast, a smart leader admits mistakes and accepts the consequences. Employees admire leaders who come right out and admit they did wrong. Honesty in trying circumstances shows the leader is a human being who admits blunders and whose heart is in the right place.

Leadership Lesson #2: HIRE THE BEST

Paris claimed other people handled her mail, including legal papers concerning her convictions and punishments. Well, Paris Hilton and every leader needs to hire assistants sharp enough to tell them when monstrously important pieces of mail arrive or read all their mail themselves.

Leadership Lesson #3: APOLOGIZE & TRULY MEAN IT

When a great leader apologizes, everyone feels the leader really means it. In contrast, Paris Hilton seemed more concerned with wiggling out of jail than feeling heart-felt regret for her dangerous and illegal missteps.


Leaders sometimes get so caught up in their big-shot, big-picture activities that they sometimes forget some details require their total attention. Sarbanes-Oxley has brought this truth to the fore. Paris Hilton said she signed some legal papers without fully reading them. Signing important papers without reading and agreeing with the contents is a leadership crime no leader ever should commit.

Leadership Lesson #5: SHOW UP & SHOW UP ON-TIME

Paris Hilton failed to show up properly in two big instances: She never attended alcohol education sessions required after her DUI conviction, and she arrived late to court.

True leaders absolutely must do what they must do on the schedule they need to do it. Absolutely fabulous leaders know failure is not an option.

No one appoints a leader or Paris Hilton king or queen so they might think they can do whatever they want and are not required to show up and show up on-time for crucial meetings and events.

Fortunately, Paris Hilton’s unfortunate actions give fantastic leadership lessons to leaders everywhere. At this point, it is better to learn from Paris than to be Paris.

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