Tip #6: Be honest with your employees.
Always be straight up and honest with your employees. No one wants to walk on pins and needles worrying about what the boss is really thinking. Your employees will respect you and be more likely to stay with you forever if they know that they can always count on you to tell the truth.

Tip #7: Train your staff members to be able to take your place.
Your staff members will rise to the standards you set for them. The best staff members are the ones who care about the business as much as you do, and can jump in and do whatever it takes to have the business run smoothly. Train them to be good enough to take your place. They will feel great about themselves and your business will run effortlessly.

Tip# 8: Teach your staff members to communicate positively and effectively.
Most people really have never learned how to communicate their feelings, perceptions, needs, and goals. They just automatically assume everyone is supposed to read their minds.

Give your employees a safe space to learn how to say whatever is going on in their minds. This will facilitate clearing up any miscommunications or misperceptions in the workplace. Open lines of communication also leads to a fun, productive and committed environment.

Tip #9: Spread the wealth.
Implement employee incentive programs, wherein your valuable employees earn some sort of bonus or share of the increased sales or profits. This will result in your employees staying motivated and dedicated to the business’ success, and they will also feel that their contributions are rewarded and appreciated.

Tip #10: Create and motivate a continued positive, energetic workplace environment.
Your employees will take your lead. They will learn their accepted behavior patterns from how you are being. Maintain a positive, high-energy frame of mind and expect the same from your employees. Teach all of your employees to support each other in staying in the positive zone. As a result, you will all consistently experience a fun, successful, and committed work life.

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