Staffing Tip #6: Set Clear Expectations

Establish mutually agreed upon expectations for interaction with your staffing supplier at the beginning of your relationship. This can include development of an order-placing procedure, appropriate quality control checks and feedback methods. Setting expectations can ensure clear communication and expedient service.

Staffing Tip #7: Benchmark Performance

Find out what type of tests candidates are required to take at your staffing firm. When candidates are referred to you, ask what their test scores are. Establish preferred scoring levels for placements within your company (you might even ask to have one of your internal employees tested to give you a benchmark for performance). In addition, encourage your temporary employees to take advantage of training available at the staffing firm.

Staffing Tip #8: Provide Feedback

Maintain an ongoing dialogue and honest relationship with your staffing contacts. Keep them abreast of changes in your company. Give them useful feedback on their service and the performance of employees placed. Meet regularly to obtain their input on what you can do to enhance interaction with them and ultimately improve quality service and placements.

Staffing Tip #9: Create a Partner in Your Success

Consider involving a staffing firm in your company’s business planning. For example, you might include your staffing representatives in an annual meeting to plan staffing strategies. They can offer insight regarding the possible uses of strategic staffing to meet your needs for workload variations, new hires, and managing attrition. They can also offer valuable market data to help with employee retention.

Staffing Tip #10: Reward Results

High quality staffing firms focus on more than filling orders. They want to help you save time, save money, and make it easier to find the qualified people you need to get work done. While all staffing firms are not created equally, the good ones can be worth their weight in gold. When you find a vendor who does a great job, look for opportunities to enhance the relationship.

Invite them in. Challenge them to help you solve problems. And see what you can do to reward their good results. Not only will you make your top vendor happy, you’ll increase their commitment to your success.

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