Great staffing results don’t happen by accident. They occur when smart people, like you, invest in creating the best possible relationship with a quality staffing services firm.

If you’d like to hear more praise and excitement about the temporaries your company uses, consider these 10 ideas for achieving GREAT staffing results!

Staffing Tip #1: Temps Need Job Descriptions Too!

Job descriptions should be well-defined, prioritized, current and submitted in writing to your staffing firm. They should include your expectations in terms of candidate abilities and experience along with specific performance goals and standards.

Staffing Tip #2: More Lead Time Equals Better Candidates

Give as much lead time as possible when placing orders with your staffing provider. This will optimize your chances of finding an ideal candidate for the assignment and may give you more than one suitable candidate to choose from. And when lead time isn’t an option, let your staffing vendor know which skills and traits are most critical for the assignment.

Staffing Tip #3: Be Mindful of Cut-rate Deals

People are your organization’s most important asset. And that should include temporary employees. Treat temporary staffing as an investment, not an expense. Cheaper is not better. The last thing you want is the cut-rate service that typically accompanies cut-rate pricing. Go with a staffing firm that takes the time to fill your needs correctly.

Staffing Tip #4: Train Your Service Rep

Educate your staffing service representatives on your organization’s mission statement, goals, culture, history and current performance. Tell them what types of work styles or personalities will fit best in your organization. Familiarizing your representatives with your company’s needs and preferences helps the staffing firm to become a more knowledgeable extension of your human resources department.

Staffing Tip #5:Take Full Advantage of Your Staffing Vendor’s Resources

Invest a little time to learn about your staffing vendor’s full range of capabilities, so you can take maximum advantage of their resources. A good vendor can not only provide qualified candidates, staffing flexibility and cost savings, but can also offer a great deal of staffing expertise and employee relations support. To get a complete picture, request a tour of their facility or a capabilities demonstration.

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