Gary’s roots are based in the Information Technology world. He began his career as a COBOL programmer working in the aircraft industry in Wichita, Kansas and he worked his way up to the Director/CTO level for Fortune 500 companies. After being affected by a reduction in force in 2008, he took some time to enjoy life and decided to pursue a career outside the IT management arena.

He had been very successful in locating, hiring and mentoring outstanding talent for his teams, and decided that he would utilize this expertise in the recruiting industry. His goal is to help top technical talent find the perfect home while strengthening the teams they join.

Gary is an avid traveler, fisherman and animal lover. His travels have taken him all over the world where he has been able to interact with some of the world’s most unique animals. Whether it is a slow loris, binturong or a giant arapaima, Gary always enjoys the opportunity encounter these strange creatures.

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